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Are you age 17-25 years old and live in, or around, Stockport?

Do you plan to live and work in a disadvantaged country for more than three months?
Why not apply for a bursary to help with your costs?

Origins of the Charity

Stockport World Citizen Trust (SWCT) was established in 2012 by 4 friends who have all lived or travelled in less advantaged countries. We found these experiences helped to shape our values and changed the way we view people who may seem less fortunate than ourselves.

We gained a clearer understanding of our responsibility for others and the importance of empowering people to improve their lives. As a result we try to retain a global perspective in our daily lives. We welcome the opportunity to pass this on.

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Criteria for grant applications

Applicant Criteria
 • Applicants must be aged 17-25 at the time of application
 • Applicants should live in Stockport or have a strong association with Stockport as judged by the trustees
 • Applications will only be considered from individuals
 • Applicants must demonstrate:
    - a passion for helping others
    - an understanding of self-improvement
    - evidence of self-reliance and motivation
 • Applicants must be prepared to produce a written report at the end of their experience and to meet with the trustees to talk about their time abroad.  They are also asked to contribute to the Stockport World Citizen blog on line during their time abroad.

Project Criteria

Grants will be considered for applicants planning to:
 • work in an economically disadvantaged country
 • work in an economically disadvantaged community
 • live within the community where they work
 • work alongside local people
 • work abroad for more than 3 months
 • be involved in helping others in areas such as:
    - teaching
    - building community resources
    - helping to set up structures for local community participation and planning
    - improving the lives and opportunities of disadvantaged people.

Trustees will require evidence that applicants have considered health, safety and personal security factors in the planning of their experience.Beneficiaries may be asked to share their experiences with other young people on their return.

Exclusion criteria

We will not sponsor people to work for profit-making organisations or to enable them to generate personal profit.

We are unlikely to support individuals applying to join large group experiences or 'adventure' challenges such as World Challenge or Operation Raleigh. However applications are welcomed from people joining a 3rd party facilitated volunteer scheme.

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